Kindness Credits is a complete replacement of the current monetary system by adopting Kindness Credits you convert your energy from the system of slavery and into a currency that cannot create War, Famine and does not support greed.

Create a Kindness Credit Account

There are different entry levels for the various ways you can adopt Kindness Credits

1)Kindness Credit Creditor :Whole Package:

Those investing 5 Hours a week into their community :

2) Kindness Credit Converter: These are business people in our community that accept the Kindness Credit Exchange, enjoying the same benefits non tax paying corporations utilise.

3) Kindness Credit Supporter: Those who are converting their slave tokens into a clean currency at shop floor level in with the outlets participating in the exchange program.


For those who wish to know more:

How Does all this work ?


HOW Does


For those who know nothing of Kindness Credit or Universal Law Community Trust the entry level for this demographic of people is known as "Supporter". These are members of our community who would be referred to by the system as "General Public". They come to one of the participating "converter" outlets where they have a choice to be able to access affordable clean and healthy resources and they simply exchange their slave token for rocks at a ratio of 1 rock being 50c / 50p tax free. Meaning 1 rock gives us the equivalent of 1 slave token minus the tax and overheads. Giving us 50% of our energy back with every exchange / transaction.


As the Supporter:

You are on holiday and have never heard of Kindness Credits, you visit the local shops and business restaurants, car hire, souvenirs and hotels and use the excursions as normal. Only this time the man or woman behind the counter asks you do you have your Kindness Credit Card ? "Whats that you ask ?", Well its our local currency exchange program to help us keep our energy localised and in our community instead of it being pilfered by some face less corporation that supports our slavery. It means your energy that you spent to get those tokens called pounds or euros give you more support in all areas of your life. Instead of me having to serve you some toxic or expensive service or product i can give you what is good for you, clean and affordable, look, let me show you.... You were and are going to order a coffee / car hire / apartment / excursion/ meal/ buy clothes and souvenirs etc while your here in our community right ? "Well yes of course." Ok , so would you agree that normally if i asked you for 3 tokens of your slavery for an organic coffee for example your budget may cause you to have to not choose organic or biological coffee, even if you knew that the other option is toxic, simply because you could not afford the real thing, clean is not affordable with slave tokens, they tell you... ad you agree of course because that's true everyone knows that... So give me 50c and i will show you " he / she says.

You, who are intrigued now, as your about to see how money really is backed by belief and nothing more, gives the Kindness Credit Converter 50c or 50p. He takes the 50c and gives you a rock. You look at him as if to say "what the ? did i just buy a rock for 50p," your thinking. He / she says " right give me the rock back" as he is making you an organic coffee and pushing it towards you. You give him the rock, he writes a receipt stating 1 rock = 1 coffee the date and hands the top copy to you ( very important the creditor keeps the original, because the banks are the ones who keep the original receipt normally and create unlimited debt from it) he keeps a second copy for his inventory so he knows what stock he has and the third is left in the book or anyone who might like to see it. for full and legal accountability )

You just gained in so many various ways and so did the community :

a) you just kept 2.50 in your pocket that represents your energy invested into slavery. The system was not able to create 10 x the face value of the transaction in debt,  because you didn't use their tokens,  for the next generation to inherit.

( the use of 1 times 50p or 50 c creates 5000 in debt and more)

b) your body didn't get to suffer a chemical assault in the name of Nestle "coffee"

c) you did not support the stock markets game of casino on your well being

d) you did not fund the terrorist system by paying a percentage of your energy to it for simply requiring a nice coffee / cake/ car hire etc.

e) you supported organic, local producers and helped them to sustain themselves to help sustain you and others

As a "Business" how does Kindness Credits benefit you.

There are different ways to adopt Kindness Credits into your daily affairs.

Level 1 : Simply adopting Kindness Credits at point of sale and knocking off the tax.

Keeping you in the private and creating loyal customers covering your legal requirements with the receipts, no more black money and worry about legal implications

Level 2: Using the Trust to Discharge your debts means you can pass the savings on to your customers prior to the Kindness Credit discount so not only do they get the tax saved, as you have no bills as they are discharged through the trust the amount of slave tokens you require is even less. You can train to be a Treasury Account facilitator for your community where your business will act as a collecting point for those who are still paying tax and who wish to convert it into supporting a community that will use their energy as it was meant to be used to support them with it if and when they need it, this method acts as an insurance, like your national insurance but only its there for you to decided democratically what to do with it as a collective. Such as funding organic food producers and free energy creation, education facilities for children to learn their rights and connect back to source, training healers to be able to have access to effective therapies and natural remedies, legal aid to prevent the system stealing your rights of use of something. We call these Surety Services.

Level 3 : Only stocking local produce created by those giving their 5 hours in return for their liabilities being discharged using no slave tokens in the transactions between locals and the outlets, the locals investing their 5 hours bring their Kindness Credit claim form to you outlet to claim their needs and you supply them you then lay a claim against the community trust, with your Kindness Credit Claim form,  instead of placing an order with a corporate plastic supplier normally having to pay tax etc,  and the produce you need to restock your outlet is delivered weekly or monthly depending on what you require from all our local supporters.

And that is how you remove the system from your life, our lives and our community.

What happens to the slave tokens ?

These are banked out of use as much as is possible. What they would be usually used for such as paying for the stock is covered by those in the community on the Whole Package, giving their time in return for their liabilities, bills and debts being discharged in return, so they dont need to use the slave tokens much either.

For the vital and under duress use of slave tokens the exchange you did supports  the Community Treasury Account that helps to support the community directly for interaction with "Slave Ville"( those communities not using Kindness Credits for things such as flight tickets ~ we are working on the airlines and big corporations, teaching them the benefits of this process and soon when your message gets heard that you woke up to what money is as they are driven by you and your choices not vice versa the use of slave tokens as representation of ourselves will be obsolete. You will force them to accept it as you accept it as your legal tender instead of Slavery.

Once people understand that basic exchange many people are converting their energy to rocks and had so many rocks in their pockets we converted it into a card.

How the Kindness Credit Card Works :

You know that this week for example you are going to use 50, 100, 150 (whatever) slave tokens in your community on food, presents, drink, medicine

You know what the cost of inflation is : (how hard you have to work for a loaf of GMO poisoned laced bread )

You know your hourly rate of pay after tax and how much slavery you put yourself through to get the token (s) 

But this week you have seen that one of the shops you normally go in has a new sticker in the window instead of Pay by VISA it says Kindness Credits Accepted Here and that they are advertising affordable bio food and natural remedies instead of Proctor and Gamble  shampoo. So you decide your going to ask what is this Kindness Credits Thing :

Your friendly Kindness credit shop keeper now explains.

I can open an account for you here and now ( just like the till operators do for a loyalty card for you in M&S) at point of sale. Just do your shopping as before but know that you can afford 50% more now than yesterday as i did an online training course and learnt how to help my family and my community by accepting this currency. You take your items to his till he adds them up and then says right

If you were paying me with slave tokens it would be 50 pounds / euros and you would have to put half of it back because of the tax and charges, normally incurred by bringing this to you. Instead give me the 50 pounds and i will put it into your Kindness credit account and give you a prepaid credit card. The 50 pounds then represents 100 pounds of credit which means you get 50% of your energy back this way. Kindness credits you for converting. give you 2 slave tokens back and a Kindness credit card that has 6 DIKAIO kindness tokens on the back. Each token represents 8 pounds 8x6 = 48 "...he writes in a book the account number he has allocated to you. You then give him back the card and take your 100 pounds of bio products that just cost you half of what it would have cost you and cost you nothing more than it would have cost for you to eat GMO crap from the local supermarket. Feeling great that you supported yourself and your community you return home to read this website printed on the back of the card to find out more about how you can get even more involved in such a great movement. and you would have to put half back

Opening a Kindness Credit Account

Here you can learn how you can credit

How does it work : Kindness Credits Account 


1. You simply assign your consent to create a Kindness Credit Account on the we buy any debt site and a Kindness Credit Account is opened for you. You create a proton mail account and send your Kindness Credit Claim to the email address on the form. You credit a converter account and this creates 50% more credit to use either on line or locally at participating outlets. Your card or cards are sent to you in the post with the prepaid credit applied to them.

2. Using your Kindness Credit Account to discharge debts :

We validate your account for you and attach it to you Kindness Credit Account. You visit the product pages and choose your organic food and other remedies and then send the completed Kindness Credit Claim form to the email address on the form.

We will notify you of the amount to be debited from your KC account and this will be taken from the Converter Account if your not a Whole Package participant and from the Community Treasury Account if you are ( Whole Package Participant are those investing 5 hours a week into their community and have all their liabilities discharged for doing so)

For those participants in the Whole Package Program  3 and 4 is applicable :

3. The Treasury account funds and discharges your liabilities and that of 5 other families

4. The Treasury account is attached to the Kindness Credit Account and it stands as Surety to your liabilities giving an account endorsed by you the Creditor to be utilised by the nominated businesses and companies that you are going to settle the account with who will supply you with your needs.

5. You receive log in details and password to access the account which is like a personal webpage where you can then transfer credits from one account to another.

6. Inside the Account you will have a Summary to show the Settlement Services supplied by the Trust showing the amounts taken up to date of accounts that were unsecured this acts as a receipt and evidence that the debt never existed.

7. The companies now owing you monies and credits are also shown giving you an unto date summary of where the prosecution of these parties are : at which stage of completion of counter claim and remedy.

How Does it Work : Kindness Credit Exchange 

1. When you transfer your liabilities in return you contribute five hours a week to the ULC community in your own local area 

2. This is done by going onto Facebook to the Kindness Credit Energy Exchange group and adding your five hours, the area you cover, what you are offering and what you need in return ( Like Swap Shop) 

3. By visiting local business and producers and holding meetings the Kindness Credit Model can be easily integrated into any outlet , the company transfers their utility bills for a start and in return offer their five hours a week service to provide the service they are already providing but ensuring it is causing no harm in doing so.

This means that the shops can afford to source healthy produce and not have to make so much profit form you because they have no liabilities to pay forward to you. The Debt is forgiven.

HOW DOES IT WORK : Shop keepers 

1. You transfer all your liabilities to We Buy Any Debt and the Trust stands surety to you. 

2. In return you accept Kindness Credits in the same way you accept VISA or money at the moment, you ask the client how would you like to pay cash card or rocks... If you pay me in rocks .. Kindness Credits then i can knock the cost of the utilities, tax, licenses, import duties, rent, debt (as you transferred this to US)  which is around 50% of the retail price on any product. 

3. You give them the new price in slave tokens lets say it came to 16 slave tokens normally now its 8 with the costs off you convert that by using the exchange rate of 8 slave token equals 1 Kindness Credit and 1 Kind of Kindness is the same as 50p so there are 16 of them in 8 pounds so there are 16 Kinds of Kindness in 1 Kindness Credit and 8 Ness'es Which are equivalent of 8 pounds. 

4.You take the slave tokens and either hand over 8 rocks or write on a copy of the credit note (downloaded below )and write the amount on there in the same way you would a cheque. You give the client the Credit note and you keep the slave tokens they order their requirements and you then write a receipt for 0 slave tokens :  1 Kindness credit you have just freed yourself and your supporting of yourself from the slavery system Your business is now not in their jurisdiction and they have no funding from you and no authority because this really removes your presumed consent to it because you are not using their money.

5. When you do your declaration you declare the facts this year i collected 10, 000 rocks and the HMRC want 17% you give them 1700 rocks.

What Do you "accept" as "legal" or "tender"



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