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Remedying ~ the rem- to dying

Before you can begin to build you have to have a foundation. This is Universal Law.

Lawful Remedy is Ministered through filing a MORHRD which can be emailed for you to print. This begins the process to remedy the matter on a platform that hears the truth and speaks the truth and sees the truth of all evil. Once the evidence to support the claim is served after 3 months and no longer a Ministerial Hearing will be held for the respondents to appear to answer the claim that is considered for its merits and evidence.

Should the Respondents not respond a Perfect Writ is created and the Respondents brought before the court to defend the claim. A member of the community acting on the "legal majored" authority of the people of the community "Orchestrates" the process while 11 other members determine the matter. The Ministry works for the people, is directed by the people and determined by the people. A valid and Lawful remedy is ministered which will include rehabilitation in a secured unit should the respondent be proven beyond all shadow of a doubt to have committed harm.

Remedies for Wealth 

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