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Apr 3

Becoming a member.


I have been trying to get ahold of you guys for a while, not sure how to go about it, I have created a proton mail and have sent a few emails, after reading through a lot of web page plus Facebook posts I’d like to free myself from the slavery industry and become one of the few members of this to start to create a better life for the little man. I have worked 10 years to no avail. I am stuck within a cycle that I cannot break, push down by the governing law of this country, with brexit happening it will only get worse, my mother is losing her house forced to work with copd and my father has arthritis, my brother cannot find a job and has a baby at 20, I am 28 I have a lot of burdens on my shoulders that I could leave behind I had access to an account with the trust. I want to create a better world with organic foods , organic medicine, clothes which arnt fashioned by children in lower class countries. How can I help? I wish to teach people music so that they may find an escape that i have found, I can offer 5 hours a week to teaching anyone self discipline in there field to open their minds, their soul and spirit. What should I do? Will anyone reply?


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