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To un-indoc trinate yourself

Recording confirming there is no writ .mMinister Emoven
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Restoration of your right mindMinister Emoven
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Let My No be No and My Yes be YesMinister Emoven
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Ministry of Remedy Hearing JUSTICE STEYN of QUEENS BENCH determination COVID does not exist and EMOVEN can not be used for litigation. meaning it is a QUIET TITLE

HMCT using a legal fiction they have no right of use of. Declared by STEYN as unable t be utilised in litigation.

Reasonable Force : 
If your coming at me with unknown substance in a syringe then i can force my unknown substance in a syringe upon you by the same logic right ??!! 

It would appear STEYN does not know what she is doing: She states COVID can not be used for claims yet its all over their HMCTS site and is used to unlawfully incarcerate you all with. She states Minister Emoven can not be used in litigation yet here are GWENT POLICE and HMCTS using something they have no right of use of ..oh dear .. are you incapacitated my dear ? But what is great is that you can use this against any agency attempting to force yu to perform using COVID on you and those guilty of doing so are in CONTEMPT OF ( their own) COURT and therefore have no authority ..hit them with the PENAL ORDER then and arrest them. We love STEYN it means rock in Greek..

The COVID CLEAN is because your DNA is already part of a Universal Experiment under Universal Law and the creator of that.. As its not yours as you did not create it, you can not assign it.

As you have already been ministered with unknown substance by your new health care provider.. BIO ETHICAL research ELLAS no one can give you anything in the name of "health care" as they dont know what you already had and you cant tell them as it was may have been part of a PLACEBO and don't know yourself. Read that again and again. Its the truth.