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Each Kindness Credit is the equivalent of 10 tax free slave tokens making the exchange 8;1  

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All of our contributors send a TYTHE of 10% of what they save with our surety services each month into their local community "COMMUNITY CHEST "pot to support the community directly and cut out the theft of our energy by corporate states who take our tax and invest it in terrorism.

Because the contributors have discharged their liabilities you get to access their products skills and service at a fraction of the amount of energy normally required to feed the parasites through the use of their currency.

The community then create projects  and can then claim against their community chest pot for services and needs to be met. Direct Democracy and your determining it. 

You now at the driving seat of where your energy is invested and who benefits from your credit. 

Coronavirus Remedy

Coronavirus Remedy

Coronavirus Remedy :

In our community trials of more than 100 people who showed symptoms of Coronavirus 85% felt immediatley better 10% felt better over a period of 2 to 3 days use and 5% felt better over a period of a weeks use. These studies were completed using a placebo and those using the product reported that they felt relief fro the faigue associated with Coronavirus and alleviated symptoms normally associated with the flu.

Side effects consisted of more energy, less respiratory problems and a greater overall feeling of wellbeing.

This product also comes with a certificate exemplifying the fact that you are under the care of the Ministry of Remedy and that no further intervention is therefore required.

Patented in The Ministry of Remedy and ULC Trust Exemplification Roll Number : 88359ULC

All Rights Reserved.

Please enter quantities in your Kindness Credit Claim Form

1.4 KC per 100 ml. (10 slave tokens )

  • Directions of Use

    Spray liberally onto the skin for less severe symptoms

    For more severe symptoms spray directly under the tongue

    Drink plenty of fresh / clean water for optimum results

    Using on broken causes acute stinging sensation

    Can also be used diluted to 1:5 parts water and used intravenously for symptoms such as Tetanus and fits.