Simply click the photos above to be taken to the product's information. When you have made you selection simply create a proton email account, you will need this to access your online account, and send a message from it to or complete the Kindness Credit Claim Form and we will discharge the cost through your account and send you your Kindness produce.

Because Kindness Credits makes you private again, your transactions and your rights are protected by our structure click the Go To My Kindness Credit Account on line and log in to order, exchange and discharge


A local organic grower will deliver to your door, or better still if you can create a drop off point to distribute this and Kindness and connect to your community. SImply click add to basket and your claim is made. Delivery days will vary area to area. Or send paypal email to convert into Kindness Credits through our converter account and costs are discharged directly from your unlimited Kindness Credit account


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