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Simply click the photos above to be taken to the product's information. When you have made you selection simply send an email or complete the Kindness Credit Claim Form and we will discharge the cost through your account and send you your Kindness produce.

Kindness Credit Note and Account

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By not using their money you remove the assumed consent. This Kindness Credit Note is downloadable for all those who have transferred their liabilities and secured their credit files assigning ULC TRUST or your family Trust to minister. You can print these and fill them in and attach them to your Kindness Credit Claim Form and claiming your real liabilitites directly from your credit file. Sidestepping the bank and corrupted administration process once known as Governemental Public Services. We also accept these for postage costs.. When you utilise these notes please email us at kindnesscredits@gmail.com so we can arrange a Kindness Credit Account which will display your credits and transactions 


    By adopting Kindness as your currency you become un processable by the fear hate matrix system and this stops you feeding them in the very least 60% of every transaction if the bearer exchanges it back to slave tokens and  100% of your energy is un processible if forward exchanges are made using Kindness Credits as your accepted tender. You cut the corruption out of every equation.


    The Kindness Credit Account is opened by you sending us an assignment of consent or by playing the Treasury Hunt game where you collect the "Love Rocks" scattered among your community, bring them to your local Ministry of Remedy and you excahnge them for free refreshments while we create you an Unlimited credit account, using your treasury account you can then use the KC account to discharge all your debts through.

    While We stand durety to the transactions. Making you liability free. How you were always meant to be. Or you can simply send an email adn we will open one on line for you and send you the details.


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