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Simply click the photos above to be taken to the product's information. When you have made you selection simply send an email or complete the Kindness Credit Claim Form and we will discharge the cost through your account and send you your Kindness produce.

Freedom from Debt Slavery

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Our First product is of course Freedom. That is what our ULC TRUST produces for you. To accomplish this you must be prepared to contibute 5 hours a week of your priceless universal source energy into your community in return for the Trust standing surety and holding title for your liabilities. Please down load the jpeg image Commitment to my Community Agreement add this to your Assignment of COnsent via the we buy any debt links on the contact form and you just became liability free. 

  • Freedom

    You recieve Kindness Credits to settle your accounts on the provision a contract NOT created in fraud is produced. 


    If your not satisifed with your Freedom you can recontract as the slave at any time you choose and the trust revokes its position as SURETY. 


    1 Kindness credit to post the original documents to you those with secured accounts can utilise their own Promissory Notes printed from the Kindness credits site add the treasury account details to back the promise and discharge this way. Those who are not secured will use slave tokens converted into Kindness Credits and we will then reclaim these back as a corporate expense and credit your Kindness Credit Account.