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Each Kindness Credit is the equivalent of 10 tax free slave tokens making the exchange 8;1  

8 slave tokens is 1 Kindness Credit

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When you go to check out click check out box and this will take you to the Kindness Credit conversion page hosted by Security Company APPORHITO 

Here you will convert your fiat currency to the equivalent of Kindness Credits and you will save 20% 

All of our contributors send a TYTHE of 10% of what they save with our surety services each month into their local community "COMMUNITY CHEST "pot to support the community directly and cut out the theft of our energy by corporate states who take our tax and invest it in terrorism.

Because the contributors have discharged their liabilities you get to access their products skills and service at a fraction of the amount of energy normally required to feed the parasites through the use of their currency.

The community then create projects  and can then claim against their community chest pot for services and needs to be met. Direct Democracy and your determining it. 

You now at the driving seat of where your energy is invested and who benefits from your credit. 

Bio Orpheus Walnut Extract

Bio Orpheus Walnut Extract

The Walnuts are picked whilst green in the summer and then crushed and left to saok in natural fruit alcohol to extract the oil this is then filtered and the end result is the natural remedy to the aliments pharmecutical giants would prescribe Warfarin for.

Blood clots and embolisms are browken down naturally. It cleans the blood and stimulates the supply a side effect of using this product is hair growth and men and women have found by applying to the hair and vigourously rubbing new hair and the follicles are stimulated and reactivated. 3 months supply recommended for this remedy for hair loss to see the difference.

For those with Kindness Credits the amount is 2 kindness credits and for those still using slave tokens its 16 slave tokens a bottle.

One tablespoon daily for alleviating pre esxisitng conditions and one teaspoon a day to keep them at bay.