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Bio Orpheus Calendula Cream

SKU: Calendula

This Calendula cream has proven to heal bed sores, lesions, burns, stings and allergic reactions to skin. It kills fungus and microbial infections. It aids healing in the skin and moisturises the epidermis and smooths lines and wrinkles. It kills infection at the site of the trauma and cleanses wounds. It is hand made in a small community lab in Samos and is so natural you can eat it.

It is unlike anyother Calendula cream and the formula is patented making sure that you only get the original and that large corporations are not able to claim it.



  • Kindness Credit Claim

    By utilising your Treasury acount assigned to your trust you can discharge the "cost" of this amazing cream just like the rest of the produce using your Kindness Credit account linked to the Covert to Kindness Button on the footer of each page. You follow the steps on the Ministry of Wealth page and then send your Kindness credit claim across we settle your claim by sending you your items

    The Calendula Cream is 2.8 Kindness credits or 20 slave tokens