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Ministry of Remedy Arachova is our latest outlet for Kindness Credits our communities tax free currency that reserves your rights from supporting terrorism.

What used to be the Piraeus Bank on DELFON, at the entrance from Distomo to Araxoba,  is now a BUREAU of CHANGE and not just money exchange where you can convert your slave tokens into our local currency and participate in supporting your community instead of your own slavery.

Here you can change the way you live your life exchanging pharmaceuticals that harm for the original natural compounds stolen by man and made toxic in the name of MEDICINE .. Bio Ethics Law is in play instead. 

Exchanging your shopping habits from GMO corporate plastic impersonating food and credit health by accessing organic and locally produced products all of which are tax free through our currency convertor. Done for you at point of sale. 

All of our transactions serve as a teaching tool to help the creditors restore their rights with every exchange 

You can even open a Kindness Credit bank account and receive a KC card that has pre paid credit on and use that in place of fiat currency in the participating businesses in the area and also across the world with your online account.

Ministerial Services / Healing the Mind starts here.

In the hierarchy system of legalese the lawyers are contracted by their BAR qualification to the corporation that issued the license. They therefore can not file lawsuits against their own employer can they ?!,  without them loosing their lie sense ( license) 

So who do you come to when you discover that legal is not lawful and you need a lawful remedy to the problems created by the adding to the ministration of the Law .. aka ADMINISTRATIVE courts .. 

You book yourself a free consultation with Minister Emoven in your language and you restore your rights by having a Minister at your side. In the hierarchy system Minster trumps solicitor. 

Solicit in English has the same meaning prostitute... you are effectively prostituting yourself into commerce and being coerced to do so by not knowing your rights.. because no one ever taught you them.  A solicitor is "pimping" you and your rights and assets to their corporate state that they work for. 

Minister Emoven is the remedy to that. 

You will create yourself a tax haven instead of being implied to be a legal fiction and you will have the right of use of a structure that you can use in place of the "stock" exchange to sustain yourself and your community. 

We offer training from the age of 15years and upwards to Minister our Minds. 

Bookings taken for limited spaces on the next course that begins 06.11.2021.

Give us a call and book your child's mind a space on the conveyance to freedom. 


Where the mind goes the body follows. So now we have a meeting of the minds let our bodies speak to us. 

GMO food only facilitates the profits for pharmaceutical giants. You are more than  40% under nourished every time you eat it.

Our Solution 


Natural organic food without tax. 

See Product list below. 

We also provide :

Genie Tech Machines 

Worlds only 01 min facelift 



and Cellulite treatments 

Back Stress 

and Sciatica and pain relief 

Starting from 4 Kindness Credits ( 28 slave tokens) per treatment 

Natural Remedies 

Oregano Oil natures original Anti- biotic 

Collodial Silver replaces antiseptic sprays and is anti- bacterial.

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Re- Turn to Nature Product and KC list.


Αλευρι Ζεα 1 κιλο (2Ε) 4 πετρες

Λαδι Διστομο 1 κιλο (4Ε) 8 πετρες

Μελι Διστομο 1 κιλο (8Ε) 16 πετρες 

Μαρμελαδα    250γ (4Ε)  8 πετρες 

Πορτακαλη, Βεργαμοντο 

Κρασι Διστομο 5λ (8Ε) 16 πετρες 

Κοκκινο και Ασπρο 

Βιολογικο Καφε 100γ ( 2Ε) 4 πετρες

Ριζη Βιο 500γ (2.50Ε) 5 πετρες

Βρωμη 500γ (2.50Ε) 5 πετρες 


φλοιός λευκής ιτιάς - Πρωτότυπη ασπιρίνη                                                      100γ (4ε) 8 πετρες

σπόροι γαϊδουράγκαθου-απαραίτητη αποτοξίνωση                                        100γ ( 4ε) 8 πετρες

φύλλο μύρτιλλου- ανακουφίζει από τη διάρροια                                              100g (4ε) 8 πετρες

φασκομηλιά  - ανακουφίζει από τον πόνο και τη φλεγμονή της περιόδου  100g. (4e) 8 πετρες 

χαμομήλι- χαλαρωτικό και αναζωογονητικό                                                       100g (4e) 8 πετρες

πευκο - αφαιρεί τα σωματίδια βαρέων μετάλλων 100g (4e) 8 πετρες             100γ (4ε) 8 πετρες

κολλοειδές ασήμι-αντιβακτηριδιακό                                                                    50ml (8e) 16 πετρες

PATENTED COVID ANTIDOTE με πιστοποιητικό ασυλίας που διατηρεί         FREE

τα δικαιώματα του DNA σας με RAPID TEST EXEMPTION and Travel Pack

λάδι μαύρης καρυδιάς- για τη διάλυση θρόμβων αίματος,

βαρφαρίνη φύσεων                                                                                                   25ml (4e) 8 πετρες 


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