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Conversion to Kindness


Welcome to the Universal Law Community Trust. We stand for Law and it is in that we communally Trust. We are a collective of indefinable family Trusts of secured parties that are un a lien able, literally, a lien cannot be attached to our beneficiaries. Meaning we cannot be alienated from our inherent rights. Rights are not privileges to be licensed back which we pay rent for, rights are not granted they are inherent in you. 
We were created by the people of the people and for the people as our previous trustees ( the government) became corporate entities and in doing so made themselves untrustworthy. A corporation cannot hold assets in Trust because by very definition they aren't a Trust any longer. By default every living thing is a part of the Universal Law Community by its very being. Universal Law is written in the DNA, it is what a heart cell resonates too and what you are centred around. You already are in the Universal Community and every single one of your trillions of cells is governed by the Universal Law, its just that due to indoctrination of fiction and the "adding" to that Law that we find in "ad-ministrative" codes called "legal systems" we lost our Trust, literally.
We lost our Trust in ourselves mostly by adopting a system of legal jargon, fiction and commerce and calling it Law.

By Assigning your consent to create a Kindness Credit Account you assign your credit to create a better reality. You discharge all your liabilities through your Treasury Account Directly. Tax free shopping and exchanges done using Kindness Credits instead of PAPAL PAYPAL.

All monthly statements settled in return for you crediting your community with 5 hours of your time. Simply fill in contact us box and we will create one for you .


Lawful instead of Awful

The ULC Trust separates legal and fiction from Law and Fact. The name you were given at birth is capitalised and the terms undisclosed to your parents. We place your name under our own Non Disclosure when you Assign the Consent via the We Buy Any Debt site (see button) and is placed under ULC Trust Non Disclosure, any unlicensed or unauthorised use creates a debt to Kindness via the creation of a Kindness Credit Account that the debt is settled through. Credits of Kindness are "loaned" to the party creating the delict or tort and this action on their part against you creates a Consuming of My Credit Agreement (CCA) to be agreed to by the usage of the credit file that is attached to the capitalised version of your given name. This gives you back your Equity stolen by the Vatican. In other words we prosecute them for using something that is not theirs and for forcing their commercial code upon living beings. See Maritime Law you are treated like a ship that can be  "lost to the sea".

Anyone attempting to get you incriminate yourself by forcing you to commit fraud by using a name that was copyrighted by the system they represent are criminals... don't be one yourself. Aiding and abetting a criminal act is a crime and those responsible for it are obligated to be arrested. Should a policy enforcer attempt to get you to commit fraud by having you lay a claim to a copyrighted name belonging to the Crown or other corporations masquerading as Governments then you are obliged to use reasonable force to prevent a crime from being enacted.

None of the procedure regarding the Birth Certificate was done with your consent or autographed by you in fact all contracts created from the capitalised version of the given name is fraud. As its terms and conditions of the creation of the birth certificate bonding system were not disclosed to your parents. No party can contract on your behalf and you couldn't even hold a pen at 42 days old. You have been assuming the role as a Vatican Debtor since you were born overtime you use that name you commit fraud as it is not yours to use it was copyrighted by the Crown and every time you use it you move from the realms of Law and Truth and step into the land of fiction which administrative codes and court have the jurisdiction of that fraud. Hence you inherit all the liabilities, he who holds title holds the liability. Here we hold the Title while you enjoy your rights of use free from penalty liens and levies. Which are only payable if you are in commerce. ULC Trust removes the false presumption that you are always in commerce.

Just one sentence is all you need know " if i take your name and use it to commit a contract with, without your consent .. what is that ? " FRAUD ..."so if a system takes my name and uses it to create a contract with, what is that ?" FRAUD on an international scale, it is also operating a slavery system. Now you have a choice... Reserve your rights using UCC 308 "not obliged to perform under a contract i did not knowingly enter into".


Helpline 24hrs : 00447562455389

To create a Whole Package solution to the current tyranny we have created our own currency called Kindness Credits and our corporate operations are carried out by We Buy Any Debt


We Buy Any Debt

Here you will find how you transfer the Title into your family Trust which you are then the Executor of instead of the debtor to. The ULC Trust then stands as Surety to all accounts you transfer settling any accounts that were NOT created in fraud. All contracts incorporating the corporate name ARE fraud.
Instead of you presenting a state of incapacity that grants the requirements of external governance our legal entity EMOVEN commits the commercial intercourse in your place. You retire your body from the corporate realms. Keeping fiction fiction and rendering all claims attempted theft, false claim see Theft Act 1978 for definition

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Kindness Credits

By adopting Kindness Credits as your method of representing your energy you immediatley make yourself an "unquantifiable commodity" the system built on slavery token gestures of pounds of flesh and dollars et al cannot process your priceless energy anymore. By converting your energy from slave tokens to Kindness Credits no more debt can be made from each transaction you don't use slave tokens for.
By filing a Kindness Credit claim form for your liabilities, living costs and expenses and using a secured part backed Promissory note you can access your credits from your secured credit file to discharge any liabilities directly.


When you Assign your consent you are demonstrating reaching "legal Majority". You cease to be the party standing as assurity to the title of the copyrighted name owned by Crown Corporation. This deed you do dissolves the C'est Que Tu Vie Trust and rebuts the presumption you are a non entity without rights. It creates another Trust for you to trust, your own. It is an indefinable trust without limitations and potential and serves as a protective layer to you and your family, your community and your resources and environment. It rebuts the presumed consent that the Birth Certificate and the use of the name provides the commercial system and keeps you in the "private". When the consent that the commercial system presumes they have through your use of their LOGO is rebutted there is no longer a legal jurisdiction of you by man- made creation and in simple terms your free. Under Mercantile Law the party standing surety is to have all accounts passed to them. The ULC trust stands surety to you instead of you "holding the can" and the accounts containing your Universal Source energy are removed from the parasitical system and back in your own hands.

It creates a triad of trusts. A trust within a trust within a trust. So you put your trust in yourself first by making the decision, self determining, to sack the Crown as something that your trust. You become the Trustee of your own estate. Collectively your community now has all these families assigning their consent back to themselves these together create our Community Trusts, which replace the corporate council. Which you are all the executors of, the decisions made by you the community as to what happens in your community, direct democracy and de centralisation. Collectively all the communities in the Cosmos are protected by Universal Law and we are the community that trusts in that, making us all the beneficiaries of The Universe and you just re-inherited the Earth. Removing those that seek to cause harm through Ministering the Remedy with this simple act of demonstrating your capacitated mind.

Now its our job to protect it as the corporations have proven they are not fit to "govern". This is where what your reality consists of from here on in is down to you your intent commitment and kindness. You have always been the creators now you can do it consciously and are free to make the right choice instead of the cheapest and what you thought was convenient you realise is in fact the opposite. Now all you need do is head over to the We Buy Any Debt site click services and contact us box opens add the information of the name and accounts you wish to assign and press assign my consent, that grants us authority to act on your behalf as our five hours a week contribution to you all and in return you have all your liabilities discharged and access to an unlimited credit account which you can then donate through paypal..

The conditions of the use of this account are as follows: 

1) You do not buy products created from slavery of another.

2) You convert a minimum of 280 slave tokens per month from the unlimited credit account into Kindness Credits for those without a home to be housed ( to replace the mal administration of our resources back to those who need it by corporate )

3) You donate the amount you require yourselves each month into the site and then file a Kindness Credit Claim for your food natural remedies and free energy, hemp clothing, etc all the things you use in a month, year.

4) We then supply your resources in an uncontaminated form giving you access to health and sending a clear signal back to the stock market ensuring investments are directed into where we want the advisors to see as a valid investment which is then not cheap plastic GMO and pharmaceuticals and you Universal Source being are back in the driving seat of this projection of reality instead of as a passenger in your own life, paying for your very existence.

5) If at any time slavery and terrorism is attempted to be used to support anything other than freedom for all the account will be blocked and you will revert back to the slave and you will assume the role as ASSURITY again for the liability you just caused. 

6) You will have filed an Original Contribution to my Community deed to the trust@universallawcommunitytrust.com site and added your 5 hours exchange onto the Kindness Credit Energy Exchange facebook site before you receive your unlimited credit account details.